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Home Appraisals – The New Normal During COVID-19
Many aspects of the homebuying process changed drastically due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but few have relied on such creative solutions as those employed for home appraisals. In the early days of...
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The Primary Closing Costs When Purchasing A Home
There is one thing that always seems to surprise my clients, and that is the money that is needed up front to buy a house. Even though we talk about this money needed in the beginning, when I go to...
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What paperwork is needed to buy a home?
Nicki Pike - Mortgage with Nicki What paperwork is needed to purchase a home? Are you a first time home buyer thinking of buying a house but have no idea what paperwork...
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The Surge in Home Sales. What’s Next?
So COVID happened and is still happening; and while the real estate market did take a hit in March and April, it came back like gangbusters in subsequent months. According to the Canadian Real...
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